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Slash Readers

Book List

Slash Reader's Book List
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Hey everyone, my name is Jaya, I was thinking the other day how much easier it would be to find good Slash Book's, if we could get slash readers together, and share their favorite titles or authors with everyone else.

So welcome to the list, I hope you enjoy your stay here, please feel free to share your favorites or just other titles and authors that people might have shared with you. Any type of slash is welcome. However if you're going to post a book please follow the format below. So if you're new the community please take a minute to introduce yourself and give a few of your favorite recommendations.

SlashReader's Posting Format's
To Post a Book/E-Book Review
To Post a Reading/Info Request
To Post a Community or Writers Advert
To Post a Podcast Review

Then feel free to share you're thoughts and opinions on this book, please put spoilers behind a live journal cut, if you include them.

You can also include a picture of the cover if you want but you don't have to. ;) If you have any questions please feel free to ask me in a comment or via email; krazysidhe@gmail.com. Thanks for your time and I hope you stick around. ~ Jaya